Before we dive into the Pros of shopify for an ecommerce business, let us first see what is shopify?
Shopify is a piece of a gathering of turn-key ecommerce arrangements that gives all that you require from end to end to setup and begin selling your product(s) to the world as opposed to you assembling every one of the pieces yourself.
It additionally has a “Buy button” usefulness that enables you to utilize Shopify as Point of Sale (POS)/Inventory choice – and let clients snap to purchase your items anyplace on the web (Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress blog, Tumblr, and so on).
Based on the reviews given by the users, there are a lot of pros of using shopify.

Some of them are listed below:-

  1. Speed and security for hosting

One of the main things considered when running an online ecommerce website is that it needs to be super fast and super secure.
You need your customers to get access to your pages faster with minimum delay and also you need to route your customer’s credit/debit cards through layers of security.
Shopify provides you with fast speed and high security on a global platform level. Shopify takes the responsibility of worrying from:-

  • Hackers
  • Caching
  • Compliance

And other issues

  1. In-build required features

Regardless of whether you are building your own ecommerce store or looking for an across the board arrangement, getting every one of the bits of an online store together can really be somewhat frustrating.
Without a doubt, you can strip the no frills down to having an item up to purchase, and enabling somebody to pay and give you their data – however to do it right – will need different components on top.
Will need coordinated installments; you ‘re going to need a simple approach to include and expel items; will need to have the capacity to tweak the look of your store; and you’re certainly going to need to have strong, simple to execute Analytics to track everything.
Shopify provides all the necessary features mentioned above to save your time and energy.

  1. Amazing Customer Support

When you are building and running and ecommerce website, it is guaranteed that you need customer support;
Shopify provides fast and reliable customer support. They provide fast and helpful solutions to all queries. With a huge FAQs database, the customer support is real knowledgeable and helpful.

  1. Amazing Design

Shopify has the ability to run off as themes.
It has free and easy to design themes to choose from bundled out for easy access; and numerous amount of custom build themes to purchase from through their marketplace.
Shopify makes it easy for the user to preview the theme before using and also customize the theme via HTML/CSS the way he/she likes.

  1. Add-Ons to increase productivity

Shopify provides productive add-ons to its developers for easy theme customization.
Shopify provides all the core features, and allows developers to offer hyper-specialized products that plugin seamlessly to Shopify’s platform.
With this easy set up provided by shopify– the user doesn’t have to worry about finding a developer every time you want a certain feature, because it’s readily available in the App Store; and will be a lot affordable and will work exactly as advertised.

  1. Easy Shipping

With the help of shopify simplify and speed up the process of shipping out orders by;

  • Synchronizing, overseeing, preparing, and printing shipping names for all the orders placed and everywhere else.

This means that the information of all your incoming orders from various platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay and many more other channels can be processed swimmingly.
Removing the hectic procedure of copying and pasting order information, for once and for all.

  1. Own payment gateway

A payment gateway is essentially the establishment that really holds the cash you get when you make deals.
Shopify has incorporated with many payment gateways, additionally offers its own particular payment gateway which is fueled by Stripe. On the off chance that you utilize this you won’t bring about any exchange expenses in addition to you will be profited by lower charge card charges. It furthermore doesn’t require a shipper record to utilize.