Shopify has been developed the No.1 platform based on the user’s reviews and also based on the amazing services provided by it.
And ever since the establishment its main purpose is to connect to its prestigious customers and till date Shopify.Inc is living up to it.

Recently in the year of 2015 Shopify launched a new method or as you can say a technique for promoting your products or services to new platforms in brand new ways!

Multichannel Shopify was the beginning of connecting and interacting new customer’s channels as envisioned by Shopify; new platforms like Facebook Shop, Pinterest etc were added. And since support provided to customers is a must! Shopify also added messenger to serve that purpose.

The initiative being a huge success; 60% of the merchants have installed at least one channel over the past year; also with the initiative of adding more and more channels to Shopify; it can help you connect to new customers faster than ever.

More customers means more sales!

In the present year Shopify plans to add even more channels. Shopify also plans to open up a platform specifically for developers so that they can start building sale channels.

Some of Shopify’s latest channels feature Kik, bot; who in the process will recommend your registered products to over 300 million users of Gen Z and even Wish, where according to the reports they have a daily traffic of + 5 million users who’s main intention is to fish for products tailored with their demands.

Now with all these great feature of adding channels to that the products can get maximum exposure is really good.


How will I find a relevant channel which is best suited for me?

Shopify, keeping the above question in mind with the help of Shopify mobile app; helps the individual discover the most significant and reasonable channel to expand your business.

Shopify like Google will also suggest similar channels based on what channel you primarily selected.

In addition to all this; Shopify also provides the individual detailed information with whatever is happening let it be based on what needs to be repaired, or any potential missed sales and how to prevent it, channel reports (how they are performing, orders via that channel, total sales) and more.


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