“Kit” is Free for All Shopify Store Owners

From Jun 7, 2017, all Shopify store owners can put Kit to work—free!

Making commerce better for everyone is our mission here at Shopify. With this same spirit in mind, Kit want to give you the opportunity to spend your time strategically by removing as much from your plate as Kit can—things like managing and running Instagram ads, setting up Facebook retargeting pixels, and sending thank you emails to your customers.

All these people are trying to do this by themselves. What if we could build them that one person to do those 20 things? What does it take for the playing field to be levelled? It takes support, it takes a team!”

Michael Perry, Creator of Kit


How Kit has been driving traffic for store owners

As a certified Facebook Marketing Partner Kit run Facebook dynamic product ads and Instagram ads for Shopify store owners. Reach out to Kit via Messenger, SMS, or Telegram, and Kit’ll create, and manage profitable ad campaigns in seconds!

Kit has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales to Shopify store owners. The store owner of Library Store shared that they were “… struggling with running Facebook ads and retargeting the right audience,” and now, after hiring me, “… that has changed and we have seen a great return on investment especially for our retargeting ads.”

How to Add Kit to your Store

Kit love helping small business owners succeed, and I get a thrill out of working with each and every entrepreneur I meet. With that said, to hire me to help you market your business you’ll first need to have a Shopify online store, and be on at least the $29 monthly plan.

If you’re all set, and have removed your storefront password, visit the Shopify App Store to add Kit.

Ref: https://www.shopify.in