Here is great shopify App to boost your sales and traffic

Product Upsell

The Product UpSell app gives you the ability to offer a different product during checkout based on the contents of the shopping cart of your customers. Integrate it with your store to sell one or many higher-margin products. You can also customize it to make an offer only if the contents of the cart exceeds a certain dollar amount. Finally, you can use it to run promotions like: “Buy One and Get One Free.”


Instagration is an excellent tool for increasing Instagram engagement. It integrates with your online store, and gives you the ability to moderate the Instagram pictures of your customers and display them in different formats. It’s an excellent tool to increase engagement with new customers by showing that you like to feature your current customers.

Abandon Aid

Abandon Aid lets you send a note to a customer who abandons her cart to remind her of her order and to ask her to complete it. It’s simple and automatic: No need for manual triggers.

Facebook Store

Facebook Store is an app developed by Shopify that lets you showcase and sell products directly on your Facebook Page. Customers can share their favorite products with their friends. One cool feature: Like-gating, which permits only the users who have “liked” your Facebook page to view your store.

Email Pirate!

Email Pirate allows you to create a fully-customizable opt-in window that pops up to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your emails. You can download this list of customers into a spreadsheet, and upload it to your email client. It also gives you the ability to track user behavior so that you can segment your customers based on their behavior prior to opting in.


Emma gives you the ability conduct better marketing campaigns by targeting your customers with the right message based on purchase history. Segment, for example, along high-value customers, or recent customers. You also have the ability to automate thank-you and rewards emails. Finally, you can track the purchases that resulted from your emails, so that you can instantly assess the value of a particular email. Emma is a great tool for designing, delivering, and analyzing your email campaigns.

Wishlist + Reminder

The Wishlist + Reminder app is an easy way to automate wishlist emails. You can customize the look and feel of the wishlists on your site, then send emails out to people to remind them that there’s something in your store that they like, and also to send emails whenever you list a product in their wishlist to be on sale.

Exit Offers

Sometimes even when you’ve perfected the design of your store, you could still be losing customers who feel, for example, that your prices are too high. Enter Exit Offers. When customers move their mouse to close out of your store, you can make a special offer pop up, to offer for example a discount or free shipping. You can also track the success of this app. It also gives you the chance to A/B test different messages.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews is a free app designed by Shopify that offers an easy way to add reviews to your store. It’s fully-customizable and includes theme-adaptive design.


Ad spending is tricky, but Vantage will help you improve your ads to save money and get better results. Instead of a fixed fee, Vantage charges up to 15% to auto-optimize your campaigns.


Justuno increases sales conversations by automating pop promotional offers and exit offers. It can also pop up to encourage your visitors to follow you on your social media networks.

Out of Stock

Manage pre-orders before you have it in stock with Out of Stock. Just ship it to your customer once it becomes available. Set it up for pre-order or when you’re waiting to re-fill your stock.

Gift Reggie

Gift Reggie is a nifty tool for creating custom wish lists that may be especially useful as gift registries. Customers can take these registries to share with friends and family. Why not give your customers one more option for sharing your store with your networks?