Blogging isn’t a child’s play,

And making money from a blog is a wicked problem especially if you are a newbie to this online marketing space, but once you are familiar with basic blogging tips and tricks and are fundamentals of blog marketing and promotion things can be changed definitely in your side and rest is history. In this article I will share some basic tips and tricks that may be useful for you in growing your blog from scratch to an advanced level.

Let us discuss some of my personally experimented and analyzed tactics in details:

  • Find a Suitable Topic: To start with a blogging idea you must be sure about what are you going to write about and whether it will help your readers I any way, Just follow your passion and that one thing in which you have expertise, anything may it be related to health, food, sports, entertainment music and you can easily start with selecting your niche.
  • Give your readers a fresh and unique content: Try to give your users a fresh and unique content every time you are publishing a post to your blog and try to maintain the dignity of your post by adding illustrations, images and case studies and real time statistics it will build a trust factor among your readers.
  • Try to engage your audience: Your article must be informative and engaging so instead of just throwing a bunch of information to your readers try to present in an attractive way I personally use “story telling” method to keep my audience engaged with my post.

The above steps mentioned were the part of setting up foundation for your blog in the next steps, I will throw some light on how to earn money exactly by your blog,

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One you are done with setting up your blog now it’s time to promote your blog and how to drive a traffic to your blog.

Google Adsense Code:  Yes, Adsense is the tool that most of the bloggers like you and me uses for converting their passion into earnings, Google has a strict policies for using Adsense make sure you read those terms and conditions before signing up for the Google Adsense, Under this program you will get an adsense code which you have to place on your blog and after that Google Displays ads on your blogs and pay you according to traffic driven and clicks on those ads,

I am not going in the details of the Google Adsense but will definitely discuss it in details in my upcoming posts.

Once you are done with your Google Adsense Code placement now it’s time for driving traffic to your website and making those ads generate earning for you, Here are some of the methods to generate more traffic to your blog.

Keyword Research : Before publishing an article make sure to have a thorough keyword research, try to find the keyword with Higher CTC, Low Competitions and high search volume you can use Google Keywords Planners and other tools like Ahref’s tool for finding the best search term for your blog post, Now try to place this keyword in your post’s title and description and make it appear in your article.

Link Building : Link Building has been a major aspect for increasing visibility in SERPs for ever as these are building external links to  your blog  ensures a bulk traffic to your blog, You can go with old school link building methods like Social Bookmarking, Document Sharing, Guest Posting , do follow commenting and many other Link Building Strategies, You can track of your visitors and audience by using Google Analytics.

Social Media Presence: Social Media Presence plays a huge role in driving traffic to your blog as it is the place for huge number of audience