Data is the power of sales. More the data, more the power of analysis, compare and act accordingly. To help the merchants to make better decisions that are dependent on data, at any time, Shopify made the dashboard more useful. If a merchant is selling on multiple channels, he can see all the for online store right infront of him in easy to scan dashboard.

Better most popular reporting feature

The overview dashboard is now much easier to use as all the informations are in one place. Data comparision across the channels at differenr time period enables the merchants to analyze the trends affectively and to make strategic business decisions, inventory management, marketing strategies, addition and deletion of non performing products, targeting the best performing customer types and so on.

Comparision and trends of data in one view

The data needed to reveal trends are the information required to come to a conclusion of sales related issues. Some of the related information could be the source of traffic (search, direct, email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter), effectiveness of sources at different time intervals, today’s sales trend, its pattern and possibility of acting on this, top performing products, performance of campaigns, average order value, fluctuation of order value on any business act, best performing channels, availability any similar channels, rate of repeated customers and need for their retention etc.

All these kind of data are now available on the overview dashboard and are always updated in real time. Graphical representation of the trends of different kinds makes it easy to understand by anybody. This empowers the merchants to take any decision at anytime.