Shopify collaborated with BuzzFeed for featuring and showcasing the various products of the merchants. The new Shopify BuzzFeed channel enables the merchants to tag their products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find, and consider featuring in its campaigns, onsite content and product lists.

It is now available for US merchants only, for US customers in USD.

To start with Shopify BuzzFeed channel, just install the BuzzFeed channel on Shopify account, select the products for BuzzFeed’s editors to idenify and set commission rate.

BuzzFeed editor will then choose products to feature and a unique link is created for showcasing. The link brings customers directly to the online store. BuzzFeed tracks sales activity and organizes a monthly commission after receiving payment from customers. Just like sales in Shopify store, customer information is provided upon purchase.

BuzzFeed being a master in storytelling mines the visitor data and packages the products as compelling content. With its dedicated marketing team, it matches customers looking for products and then starts campaigning the same.

How BuzzFeed’s new channel is beneficial

BuzzFeed, one of the largest publishers in the world, is driving sales for many brands with its viral social media content helping the merchants to grow inlarge scale.

With BuzzFeed, there is no minimum commission, making it a more affordable partner. As the merchants are directly working with BuzzFeed, so there is no additional middle man in between. This increases the profitability of the merchants.

Also, it is very difficult for most store owners, to create ads and marketing assets to promote products. The BuzzFeed channel allows coming out of this problems.

Salient Features of BuzzFeed Channels:

  • Easy for BuzzFeed writers to identify and consider your products
  • Allows to reach BuzzFeed’s massive audience with over 200 million monthly visitors
  • Ability to control commission rates based on what you can afford
  • With Shopify, orders can be managed and controlled directly.
  • Automated commission payouts