Customer retention contributes to greater profits than adding new customer in any business. It requires less efforts and is very cost effective too. Moreover, almost all the customers need some conversation with the seller for reassuring on the quality and working of the products they are buying. Sellers should take this opportunity to keep in touch with the customer and create as much trust and satisfaction in customers mind as possible. It not only make the customers coming back to your store again and again, but also inspire brand loyalty to boost up the sales.

Post-purchase communications can be any interaction with customers after they make a purchase. The communications can be in person, on the phone, or virtual to influence their recent purchase and inspire the future purchases as well.

Some of the many ways of post communication techniques are through:

  • Email: The email addresses captured during pruchase can be used to communicate with them after purchase. The email content can be on a cross-sell, upsell opportunity, or a way to ease the post-purchase anxieties. But more important than the content of the email, is the subject line, that will encourage the customer to open the emails.
  • Direct mail: Direct mails can also be used like, sending Brochures, coupons, information about recent purchase to the customers for cross-selling, upselling, and purchase validation.
  • Receipts: One area that many retailers overlook as a marketing opportunity is when it comes to receipts and invoices. Sellers can use receipts to incentivize customer with offer code is on the printed receipt for customers. Other than physical reciepts, email reciepts can solicit feedback, promote in-store events, advertise your social media profiles and more.
  • Loyalty program: Customer loyalty programs are extremely effective for customer retention. Seller should be conscious of what makes sense to their loyal customers and view every communication through their eyes.
  • Social media: most of consumers are likely to follow the seller on social media after purchase. It  should be easy for customers to find and connect with the seller . Sellers can add links to their social profiles on website and in emails.
  • Customer support interactions: like any other communication, customer interactions with the customer support team must be a treat for the customer. It is important that the brand identity and brand experience remain consistent in this channel.


Benefits of Post-Purchase Communications 

  • Validate the purchase
  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Build relationships
  • Give back
  • Add value
  • Personalization
  • Mind Every Customer Interaction