Apart from the look of the retail store and product display, lighting design plays an important role in encouraging the sales. Right light, at the right time, makes everything extraordinary. A lighting strategy will work tremendously in selling for the store.

Create an Atmosphere to welcome customers

Physical features of a store generates the comprehensive feeling of retail experience. Lights contribute to a large extent in creating a pleasant atmosphere for the customers. It affects their mood just entering in the store which in turn make them perceive the brand and products.

There are many ways to maximize the lighting strategy. Lighting can have a significant emotional impact, directing buyers to key merchandise and immensly affecting overall perception for the business.

The atmosphere depends on how you want customers to feel when they walk in your store. Soft and warm lighting will make them feel comfortable and relaxed, while brighter lighting helps them see products more clearly. For example, dimmer lightning in the walkways and bright spotlights on the products can make a visual emphasis on products and brings customers directly to the shelves.

Choosing Fixtures and Temperature

Creating an atmosphere with lighting strategy can be done through the light fixtures. Vintage fixtures, chandeliers, or dome lighting are used to create a more intimate feel.

Next important feature is the right temperature at right place. Cool color temperatures make areas appear more spacious whereas warm color temperatures create an impression of smallness and familiarity. So, depending upon the size of store, sellers can choose different temperature.

Types of Retail Lighting 

There are various types lighting for retail stores:

Ambient lighting: It refers to the overall lighting concept of a store creating the overall atmosphere and large impact in  store.

Accent lighting: It allows to draw attention to the products. This technique of spot lighting is common in luxury stores.

High-activity lighting: It focuses on covering the entire space with bright lights so that customers can not miss any products. 

Backlighting: It works to keep customers at the shelves longer as they navigate through the products on each shelf. It can be used to achieve a softer, more intimate environment. Backlighting of shelves produces a more attractive effect than only accent lighting.

Contrast Lighting: Contrast Lighting can make the store more visually appealing and interesting. Lighting the store windows is another vital aspect of attracting customers. In shop windows, pinpoint accenting lighting can be used to emphasize perceived contrasts. High contrast in windows is a great way to catch the eyes of passersby.