Good photography makes a lot of difference in appealing of the products by enhancing its appearance and increases the credibility of online stores. In case of online selling, photos of the products along with a good content describing the product properly play the most important role. The photos of the product should come out with every detail of the product so that it can create confidence in customers to go for it.

That’s why Shopify has put together the key tools and resources for beautiful product photography and a step-by-step guide to every aspect of the shoot.

One more crucial aspect of product photography is online photo editing. Because no matter how well you shoot your photos, there are always little things to fix and retouch afterwards. Shopify team makes it possible by prividing world class photo editing services to the sellers associated with it.

Sellers can get benefited wih Shopify photo editors in following ways:

  • Sellers can bring their product photos to life with Photoshop-style editor.
  • Match your store perfectly with fully-customizable design controls.
  • Ensure your store looks great on any device, with mobile responsive design.

Shopify offers various photo editing services as:

➤ Complete Customization in Your own Shopify Store: There is wide collection of expert-designed templates available in Shopify to choose from. Sellers can control the designs with customizable fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds and many more. No coding or programming is required for editing on the Shopify page for the Shopify account holders.

➤Filters  Photoshop-Style: Resizing, reshaping, and re-imagining images with free Photoshop-style filters, including grayscale, sepia, saturation, hue, opacity, brightness, contrast, blur etc are also possible with Shopify.

➤ Protect and Personalize: Sellers can protect their images with custom watermarks or disabled right-click. With custom captions and animation controls, all the product photos can be personalised as well.

➤ Mobile Responsive Design: The seller can emphasise on Mobile responsive design, that makes the stores look great on any phone, tablet, or computer.

➤ Getting Started with POWr: POWr is the Photo Editor tool that is easy to install on any page of seller’s Shopify site and create an eye catching design for their products.