After-sale communication with customers establishes good relationship with seller. At the time of adding products in the cart, the seller can encourage customers to add higher-valued items or purchase more products from seller. This will automatically boost up the sales of the online store. With this technique, seller can motivate customers to spend a little more time to reach a goal and receive good discount offers.

Upsell offers customers higher-end options or relevant products to increase sales from any order. When customers add an item to cart, a popup will suggest them a list of other possible options they may want to buy or replace with added items. Boost Sales will automatically pick appropriate products to recommend for any orders and increase sales for you.

Cross sell offers bundle of products that go well with an irresistible combo, customers love to buy. When customers view any product in the combo, a corner popup will appear with special effect to catch their attention and cross-sell the whole bundle. Discounts can also be offered to promote any deals in better way and significantly boost sales from any existing customers.

Upsell & Cross sell in single application gives a high in sales. Boost up enables the sellers with some more alternatives, like Sales Motivators, Last Step Upsell, Smart Recommendations and Quick View for selling more.

Sales Motivator excites customers to purchase more and more. Smart coupon popups motivate shoppers to add more products to cart to get the offers. Increasing user engagement on websites, motivate customers to come back, spend more and refer to others as well.

Last Step Upsell makes customers to keep on buying more on cart page. While clicking on “Check Out” button in cart, one last up-sell offer will suggest them more items they might want to add before check out. These products are chosen by Boost Sales, based on their shopping behaviors and sales history, which pempers customers to purchase.

Smart Recommendations can be done using machine learning and big data technology. Boost Sales app automatically suggests the right products to the right customers based on their browsing behaviors, which saves the time for creating custom offers, and increases revenue.

Quick View increases conversion by letting customers preview a product and check out in single screen without browsing many pages. It also includes the smart recommendation block in popup to increase the order value.

Boost Sales for growing business of online stores:

  • Easy to use. No coding skill is required to create up-sell & cross-sell offers.
  • Create endless offers in 60 seconds and Save time and maximize app efficiency
  • Good response on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Optimize for better performance with detailed report
  • Can increase revenue by 20%-70%