Today’s world is full of social media, Youtube and blogs where it really becomes very difficult to reach to the valued customer. E-mails of the target customers is a big relieve in this rush.

With emails sellers can show the entire market to their customers and also direct them to the shop instantly for shopping.  They can provide additional value through exclusive content, coupons, and deals.

Being an one-to-one conversation, emails can make consumers feel seen, heard, and appreciated. That may lead to loyal customers.

Set Up Your Systems

Before building an email list, we need a place to keep it. Some of the elements of any strong email marketing machine could be email management system (EMS), like MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, or ActiveCampaign. A POS system can be integrated with EMS. Shopify POS helps you collect customer emails.

Give People a Reason Why

Email addresses are vital contact information that people usually don’t want to share without a reason. That is why sellers must develop a reason so that the customers gladly provide them their contact information.

This can happen if the seller can meet a need, provide for a desire, or solve a problem, he is then likely to have a compelling reason for someone to give their address. And to do so the seller must read the mind of the customers, understand them completely.

Provide Value in Exchange for Value

Even after developing a good reason for getting an email ID, little value added return is still required to fill up the basket. Some ideas for generating such leads could be:

  • Special coupons or discount codes for products.
  • Admission to a VIP group.
  • A free sample.
  • Exclusive access to content that no one else receives.

Inviting known People to Join the List

To start with sellers should invite the known persons who support them before convincing the strangers  to join them.

  • The known people could be current customer database. POS system or collecting old online orders, making a list of past customer emails can be a great help in this regard.
  • The existing network of influencers and partners.
  • Friends and family and other close supporters.

Before adding any people, how close they may be, seller must inform them and give them the space to choose from. Then can send personnel emails to them showing them that he is making email list for his business and how their support is important to him. The list should be of true supporters who can further expand the awareness to the groups they belongs to.

Start Promoting

After adding the well known people in the email list, it’s ready for promoting to the wider world. Some of the ways to work now are:

  • Putting a link to sign-up form in your email signature.
  • Including a link to the list in social media profiles.
  • Create social media posts to promote the list.
  • Pitching to publications or podcasts.
  • Sharing the list with communities like LinkedIn groups or Reddit threads.
  • Ultimately, sharing the email list far and wide and everywhere you feel comfortable. And get creative with offline promotions, too.

Consistently Send Email List Subscribers Valuable Content

Now that the list is ready, actual promotion activity should be done continuously. Understand the requirement of the customers, Prepare valuable content for them and send emails regularly. To keep the customers up to date with the latest collection, promotional tools like coupons, exciting offers etc should be sent to them to make them coming back to the store.