In person selling through various festivals and events can gear up selling than any other modes. It helps in getting the ROI (Return on Investment) faster. To get the most out of it, the sellers should choose the right event and festivals for their products. To get start with, you need to do listing of the fairs and festivals in the local area. Apart from Google search, following are some valuable sources to get the information:

  • Shopify’s Market Directory
  • Facebook
  • Yelp craft fair listings
  • Fairs and Festivals database

Taking an online store to the real world, involves a lot of time, energy, and money.  So, it is important to consider some comprehensive points to plan for an event.

  • Audience: Take out some time to check out the audience type and density in the fairs. Its past record will help in finding how much audience a particular fair or event had.
  • Timing: Timings of the event is most important for any seller depending upon the products and its availabilty. So consider the timings of the event before anything.
  • Goals: Decide the goals for going for an event- is it product promotion, selling, email listing or market study. Depending upon the goals, all other preparions should be done.
  • Reputation: Before thinking of some event, a proper research on the reputation of the event should be done. Social media is a great help for this purpose.
  • Cost: The cost for taking part in a fair may include various fees like, Jury Fee, Table or Booth Fee etc. You should be clear about all such cost to plan for the event.
  • Actual Table or Booth: To add some flair to your table to draw in potential customers, you may need some essentials including tables, chairs, table coverings, extension cords, and signage etc. Remember, the table will represent the store.
  • Giveaways: Considering some giveaways is valuable for marketing the products or may be for email listing.
  • Travel: Travel expenses are also gets ad on to raise the cost depending upon the distance of the place where the event is being organised.
  • Your time: Selling in person means giving all your time for that event only not doing any other work. Hence be sure it will worth enough for your business.
  • Help: Consider a friend or any person for a helping hand during the event so that you can take a break or go to rest room which is very essential.

For a new entrepreneur to the process, give yourself enough lead time to analyse an event, calculate the cost effectiveness, setting goals etc and then decide and plan for the event. Also take time to be able to ask questions and prepare for putting an application for the event.

Now that you’re armed with all of the information you need to find craft fair, festival to take your online shop out into the real world, land there and start selling.