Shopify introduces Google Autocomplete for address of customers at checkout. It will make an easy and  faster checkout experience for customers.

At the time of checking out, customers had to  complete multiple fields that can slow down the customers or even discourage them from shopping. It becomes more difficult on mobile shopping making it a long exercise in typing, re-typing and misspelling.

Google Autocomplete is rolling out to Shopify checkout pages, improving customer experience and helping you achieve higher conversions. It will be of free of cost will get automatically enabled on Shopify stores. With this feature you need to type a few characters only and it will do the rest for you.

Now, when customers reach at checkout page and start entering their address, Google Autocomplete will not only instantly finish the job but also rectify the wrong addresses and helps in re-typing.

Powerful benefits 

Taking care of little things results in powerful benefits. Studies show how small-small improvements can be beneficial for a successful business. Some of such powerful benefits due to Google Autocomplete are:

  • Almost 20% time savings
  • An increase in conversion rate due to time saving
  • Error reduction on mobile.
  • No longer dealing with incorrect addresses and the resulting problems.
  • Giving you more time for fulfilment of other business-building tasks.

Success of a business is in getting a million details right. With Shopify this very importat task become so easy as the seller don’t have to worry about it at all and can just concentrate on their products.