Cyber Monday, used by online retailers, has become an international marketing term across the world. It was introduced by in 2005 in USA and now it gains popularity in the online shopping holiday. Although Cyber monday was originally used for online shopping, the physical retailers can also make huge sale with it using following tips:

Marrying the Real-Life with Digital Experiences

Retailers can make their digital and in-person brand experience consistant and work together to promote the Cyber Monday. Shoppers should be able to see mobile devices to get the content connected to in-store promotions for great deals. Adding exclusive coupon codes, creating a whole section of Cyber Monday deals can be made available to in-store shoppers. Proximity marketing can also be used to transmit special promotions to nearby shoppers.

Knowing Consumers need

Retailers should anticipate shoppers’ needs while promoting the in-store deals early instead of waiting  for the holiday-shopping weekend. They can use BFCM Toolbox to get set, get seen, and get selling. Stressing the importance of knowing who the customers are and offering them the right promotions. Retailers must make sure that their offers are not generic and boring, and that they are tailored to each type of customer.

Targeting Efforts

Everyone is not the right customer for Cyber Monday. Depending on their shopping habits and the deals, they might not find products that are relevant to them. Hence targeting potential and high-value customers is important. Retailers should study who buys on sale only, and offer them the clearance  discounts.

More Than Just a Shop 

The store should be a fulfillment center, not a traditional storefront. Retailers must focus more sharply on promoting order fulfillment, stocking and back-office efficiencies. Many consumers while making online orders also end up doing an additional in-store purchase. To bridge the gap a Cyber Monday promotion can be run.

Personalizing in-store

Shoppers are extremely distracted in doing multiple tasks while shopping, like working, talking to others or watching TV. So messaging through any channel has to be personalized, on point, and relevant to truly break through those distractions. If the right promotions are delivered to the right potential shoppers, they’ll convert to buyers and that retailer will have a much better turnout from all their hard work and marketing efforts.

Highlighting Benefits of Shopping In-Store 

Many shoppers want to touch, feel, or try a product while shopping. This in turn bring them to physical stores. Retailers must identify them and can customise the offers to convert them in the store.

Have Enticing Offers

Everytime while running sales, retailers must see that the sale should  compelling enough to drive foot traffic. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days for deals to offer.

Some ideas to compete for customers for Cyber Monday:

  • Having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday Weekend Sale
  • Buying Local Campaign
  • Having Exclusive In-Store Offerings
  • Supporting a Cause

Retailers can learn the biggest lessons through experience. So it is important to clearly identify Cyber Monday goals and strategies to take a look after the fact and analyze success.